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September 21, 2015

Skills for Success- Part 1.

September 21, 2015

Top 5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout

September 21, 2015
Working out during our vacation in Munich earlier this year. This photo was taken in the English Gardens

Have you ever started a new exercise plan full of hopes and motivation only to find yourself struggling to stay committed a week or two later?  If you have, here are my top five ways to stay committed to your fitness plan. Be warned, they are not what  you expect.

  1. Be Mediocre  – Yes, you read it right. To stay consistent with working out, you need to do two things. The first is understand that there will be days when you will be tired. You will dread413460_10151591663455497_864358643_o the thought of going to the gym and convince yourself that your workout will be terrible and that you deserve to rest. What’s the point of going to the gym if you can’t push yourself  to do all the reps in your plan? or  work as hard as you should? Don’t listen to that voice. GO ANYWAY!  it is better to be “mediocre” than to be a quitter. Going to the gym will keep you on track, re-energize you and give you a place to decompress. Do your best. Don’t psyche yourself out if you can’t finish. Be proud that you got yourself there and  made the effort to stay committed. Celebrate your “mediocre” workouts more than any other ones. They are the ones who will strengthen your will over time!
  2. Do Some Research –  I lost count of how many times I have heard people tell me that they lost their motivation to workout because they didn’t know what to do in the Gym. Don’t be that person. The internet is full of resources to help you learn how to exercise and use the equipment around the gym.  A good place to start is Bodybuilding.com they have hundreds of video tutorials on how to perform exercises correctly, along with tons of inspiration on how to live a healthier life. If  you find yourself still struggling with confidence to pick up the weights, or use the equipment in the gym then consider hiring a trainer.  Having someone to teach you the ropes will make you feel confident and empowered. You’ll be more likely to stick to your routine once you stop seeing the gym as a scary, unknown place and start seeing it as a place full of people who are trying to be stronger and better, just like you!
  3. Get Social – This one is a no-brainer. Sometimes the best way to hold yourself accountable is to get someone else to do it for you! find a workout partner and set up weekly dates. Make sure your times are as consistent as possible so that you can build a routine. Add your workout times in your calendar just like you

    My workout Journal

    would add a business meeting. When you start treating your health as a priority your excuses begin to disappear. I’m pretty sure you don’t cancel work meetings because “you don’t feel like going” treat the gym with that same level of responsibility and you will see changes faster than you ever have before.

  4. Track your Progress –  competing with yourself is the best way to get motivated. Nothing gets me more pumped than looking at old workouts and realizing the changes that I have made. Keep a journal to track your progress. You can do this electronically or with a pen and paper. I prefer a traditional journal. I like to track my workouts, things I am grateful for, things that I appreciate about my body, things that inspire me, and my goals and thoughts for that day.
  5. Get outside – the best way to get out of a rut is to do something totally different. Try using your local playground as your gym or doing workouts that don’t require any equipment.Doing the monkey bars in the playground is a fun way to build upper body strength. Benches can turn into plyo boxes for you to do step ups and work on your legs.Use whatever is around you to stay active. In the picture below I am using a swing that someone built in a park to do pull-ups during my run. You are not confined to a gym to stay in shape!
    Working out during our vacation in Munich earlier this year. This photo was taken in the English Gardens

    Working out during our vacation in Munich earlier this year. This photo was taken in the English Gardens

so that is it those are my top 5 tips for staying motivated to workout. How about you? do you have any tips or tricks that you use to stay motivated? let me know down below!

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